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A Cosmic Horror Hellmouth Dying To Swallow You Whole


Editing and sound are deeply pivotal to the story Banfitch is telling, and he (having done both of these jobs himself along with directing, writing, and starring) excels in both areas in ways that manage to compel and confuse while producing unbridled awe within the audience. To explain exactly how is to partially spoil the film, but “The Outwaters” deals entirely with the unknowable, and quick cuts paired with nearly undecipherable imagery and piercing inhuman sound all contribute to the film’s overarching sinister tone.

Horror has been having a banner year for a few years now. There’s no denying filmmakers of the genre continue to innovate and inspire, fostering shining new ideas for the world to sink their teeth into on the regular as of late. But every now and then, a horror film comes along that feels undeniably exceptional. “The Outwaters” is one of those films. 2023 is already proving to be an incredible year for the genre less than a month out of the gate, but with talent the likes of Banfitch at the forefront of the found footage game, it seems this year’s horror offerings aren’t anywhere near done leveling up. “The Outwaters” is an immersive hellmouth waiting to, quite literally, swallow us up and spit us back out into the landscape more horrified of what the universe is capable of than ever before — and trust me, you don’t stand a chance against what it has in store for you.

/Film Rating: 9 out of 10

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