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Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date & Time


Ranpo meets up with Poe. They witness a crime, but Ranpo still manages to deduce what happened. Here are the details for Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 5 titled “The Perfect Murder and Murderer (Part 2).”

When Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 5 Releases

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 5’s (Episode 42 overall) release date is Wednesday, February 1. The episode will be out in Japan at 11:00 p.m. JST.

For international viewers, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be available an hour and a half after it airs in Japan. In the United States, the corresponding schedule would be:

  • 10:30 a.m. ET
  • 9:30 a.m. CT
  • 7:30 a.m. PT

Where to Watch Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 is available to stream on Crunchyroll. The previous seasons are also streaming on this platform.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Ranpo visits Kunikida in his cell and promises to get him out since Kunikida was set up. Shortly after, Ranpo bumps into Poe and asks for his help with a target. Poe tells Ranpo about the murder of a mystery author. Ranpo decides to solve the murder mystery. He also points out that Poe is there to buy the manuscript of the dead author.

Poe confesses he wants the manuscript so he can solve the murder mystery. He needs to look for a red envelope, which Ranpo located. After the two grab the envelope, they see a body falling from the observation tower. Poe looks at the photo and realizes the dead body is the specialist they’re looking for.

Ranpo inspects the body and deduces that the corpse’s shoes are different, meaning the target killed someone to fake his own death. The specialist, Mushitaro, uses his ability to get rid of all the evidence. Ranpo observes the dead body and is unable to figure out anything. Poe tries to cheer Ranpo up, but Ranpo gets up and says he’s going back to the Agency.

Elsewhere, Mushitaro is walking away from the crime. However, he bumps into Ranpo asking him where he can get a taxi. Mushitaro is thinking of how to get rid of him since his getaway car is picking him up at the same spot. He tries giving Ranpo directions, but Ranpo is too lazy to walk or commute. The getaway car arrives, and Ranpo ends up tagging along. He explains his thoughts on the case, which surprises Mushitaro.

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