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Exclusive Lacuna Trailer Previews Brazilian Horror Movie


ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Lacuna trailer for the Rodrigo Lages-directed horror movie.

“Filmed in about two weeks, during the pandemic, and focusing on a mother-daughter relationship, Lacuna, by Rodrigo Lages, tells the story of Sofia (played by Lorena Comparato) who has her life shattered after her mother, Helena (Kika Kalache), has a serious car accident,” reads the film’s synopsis. “When her mother returns home, Sofia discovers that her mother is no longer herself and has changed into a sinister entity.”

Check out the exclusive Lacuna trailer below:

Lacuna was written and directed by Rodrigo Lages and stars Lorena Comparato, Kika Kalache, Laila Zaid, Guilherme Prates, Charles Fricks, Hudson Vianna, and Priscila Maria.

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