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First Teaser Drops for Rick Walker’s ‘Guardians’


Just weeks since it was announced to be in the works, Rick Walker’s highly anticipated thriller “Guardians” has released their first teaser.

Earlier speculation had the project kicking around the development stage, but suddenly within weeks, images from the set were released and published here on Film Rumor.

As “Guardians” quickly jumped from script development into production, the project remains in “filming” status.


Taylor Armstrong (Real Housewives of Orange County | Bravo TV) as Dr. Kennedy in “Guardians.”

…over the weekend, State 46 Films dropped a stunning, emotion-filled teaser giving us more insight into the secretive storyline.

Emily (Cherish Rodriguez) has a near-death encounter with three street-level drug
salesmen (Clint McGown) and miraculously survives.

The teaser doesn’t reveal how her friend and fellow teacher, Anne (Mackenzie Mcintyre) finds her and gets her to the hospital, but it does quickly drip a post-title answer featuring Wil Wilson (Gabe).

Unrecognizable from the alley beat down, Emily clings to life with Anne by her side.

Enter Dr. Kennedy (Taylor Armstrong) and her PA (Willa Darian) who deliver Emily’s list of devastating injuries along with a “touch and go” status. They also inform Anne that Emily’s upright position kept her from choking to death.

(L-R) Cherish Rodriguez (Emily) and Mackenzie McIntyre (Anne) in an intense scene from “Guardians.”

Questioned by a detective, Anne has no answer for how Emily made it from the alley where she was mugged, back to her car into the life-saving upright position.

The beautiful British voiceover describes the presence of guardian angels in our midst for centuries. As the teaser ends, we’re left to wonder how she made it back to the car in her condition as well, but that post-title clip appears to give us an answer and accompanying chills. According to the replies on Taylor Armstrong’s instagram feed, several of her followers felt that same chill.

The well-constructed, emotional two-minute teaser reveals only one of the likely storylines, yet it was highly satisfying. We can’t wait to see more about this film along with the additional pending cast announcements. “Guardians” is being executive produced by Noble McIntyre, produced by Chad Lunsford and State 46 Films‘ Kennady Ritter. Outstanding cinematography from Paul Arambula, on-point set design from Jacie Quillen, and Walker’s crisp direction deliver every nuance needed to effectively tell this story placing this indie near the top of our watch list. You can see the “Guardians” teaser here: https://guardians.movie

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