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James Cameron Kind Of Agreed With Thanos, Peyton Reed Wants To Direct Nova & More


Peyton Reed has directed three “Ant-Man” movies to great success for Marvel. So, what would he like to do next, provided the opportunity? Speaking with Collider, the filmmaker revealed that he would like to take a crack at a “Nova” movie (from Scott Lang to Richard Rider, perhaps?):

To me, [Ant-Man] was almost like a subculture Marvel hero. It’s what drew me to ‘Bring It On,’ like, ‘A movie about cheerleaders? That’s weird.’ And [it] drew me to ‘Down With Love.’ ‘It’s like a sort of Rock Hudson, Doris Day homage as a romantic comedy set in the ’60s?’ I’m into that. I had the same attraction to ‘Ant-Man,’ it was the same kind of thing. So I like the idea. I would do a Nova movie. I love [‘The Man Called Nova’]. That seems cool.”

What we know for sure is that a “Nova” project of some kind is in the works at Marvel Studios. Unfortunately, it does appear as though it is a long way off from actually getting made. So, if Reed is to be the guy, he could easily take a break and direct something else in the meantime, be it for Marvel or some other organization.

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