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James Cameron Praises 4K Remaster of Titanic Ahead of Rerelease


Director James Cameron has released a new video promoting the upcoming 25th Anniversary release of the classic film Titanic, promising fans that even if they’ve seen the original film, this new one is still worth seeing.

“When we made Titanic 25 years ago, we set out to push the limits of filmmaking to create a timeless love story,” Cameron said. “On February 10, Titanic is returning to theaters for a limited time remastered in 4K digital 3D and Dolby Atmos sound. So even if you’ve seen the movie before, this version will make you feel as if you’re seeing the film for the first time. See Titanic the way it was meant to be seen on the big screen.”

The remaster of the James Cameron classic is set to release on February 10, 2023, and will be presented in theaters in 3D 4K HDR and with a new higher frame rate. It’s unclear exactly how long the film will be in theaters for upon its release.

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, Titanic tells the story of the sinking of the famous RMS Titanic and centers around the two as they fall in love despite their different social standings. The film also stars Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart, Bernard Hill, Jonathan Hyde, Victor Garber, and Bill Paxton.

Originally released in 1997, Titanic became a smash hit from the moment it premiered, with praise from critics and audiences alike pouring in. The film was the first ever movie to reach the billion-dollar mark at the box office and remained the highest-grossing film of all time until Cameron would go on to beat it with another film of his in 2009 — Avatar.

Nominated for 14 Academy Awards, Titanic tied 1950’s All About Eve for the most Oscar nominations and would win 11 of them, including Best Picture and Best Director. It also tied 1959’s Ben-Hur for the most Oscars won by a single film.

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