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Making The Bob’s Burgers Movie Wasn’t An Easy Process


In a 2022 interview with Variety, Bernard Derriman — who co-directed “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” alongside Loren Bouchard — shared how the animated film came into being. He admitted that there was never any long-cherished, grand design to create a movie, only rather that someone outside the artistic team offered them the chance. Derriman said:

‘To be honest, it was really because they asked us [laughs] […] it had never crossed my mind. Only because we were just so busy making the show and we just did it all year round that it’s not like we have a lot of time off to do other things […] I think it was around the time there’d been a management change at Fox, [but] someone came to us and said, ‘How would you like to make a “Bob’s Burgers” movie?’ We were thrilled, but of course, the first thing was like, ‘How […] are we ever gonna be able to do this?”

To give you an idea of how busy these artists were, Derriman alone has directed over 120 of the approximately 250 (and counting) episodes. When he said “all year round,” he meant it. Shoving a movie into the mix? That’s no easy feat, even if the studio is asking for it. So, how did they make it work?

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