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Violent Night Alternate Ending Features a ‘Family Resolution’


Ahead of its Blu-ray release, a new Violent Night alternate ending has been released.

The original ending of the film sees Santa help thwart a robbery attempt, and after a big snowmobile chase scene and fight with John Leguizamo’s Jimmy that leads to Santa killing the character, he bids the Lightstone family goodbye. The final shot sees David Harbour’s Santa flying through the sky on his sled, his faith in Christmas having been renewed as a result of his meeting with the family and subsequent events.

The deleted scene doesn’t differ too much but does focus more on the Lightstone family after Santa departs. Back on the ground, Jason Lightstone (Alex Hassell) quits his family business, something that his mother Gertrude (Beverly) reluctantly accepts before praising his son for becoming a family man.

Violent Night is directed by Tommy Wirkola from a screenplay written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller. Joining Harbour are John Leguizamo (John Wick), Cam Gigandet (Without Remorse), Alex Hassell (Cowboy Bebop), Alexis Louder (The Tomorrow War), Edi Patterson (The Righteous Gemstones), and Beverly D’Angelo (National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise).

Violent Night is produced by Kelly McCormick, David Leitch, and Guy Danella, with Marc S. Fischer serving as an executive producer. It hails from 87North.

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